Dashboard - Table - "Decimal Places" not respected

Dashboard Table representations do not respect the “Decimal Places” setting under Customization. Is there any way to force this, or to round values within Flux? (Looking for two decimal places.)

Hello @Patrick808,
Can you please share screen shots of the dashboard table not respecting the decimal places so I can create an issue?
What version of InfluxDB are you using?
It works for me:

Silly question I know, but are you sure you’re not in raw data view?

As far as rounding with flux to two decimal places here is a sad hack:

import "math"
import "array"

array.from(rows: [{_value: 3.116},{_value: 4.562}, {_value: 5.255}, {_value: 0.323}, {_value: 1.234}, {_value: 2.885,}])
|> map(fn: (r) => ({ r with _value: math.round(x: r._value * 100.0)/100.0
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Odd. Using 2.2.0, front-end build cc65325. Attached are matching screen shots to yours in both modes.

I can get by with the sloppy hack for now, but thanks in advance for creating the issue.

Hmm that is odd. Of course that’s what we’re here for.