Debian clean install but error when posting: unexpected error writing points to database: [shard 1] short buffer

Hi everyone!

I’ve installed influxdb V2.1.1 on my win10 PC before and it works. I was able to either use the sample code right off the sample Python code in influxdb “control center”. I also wrote my own simplified module that runs on microPython.

One I got it installed on a new Debian computer and set up, it keeps giving me HTTP 500 response code with the error:

“code”:“internal error”,“message”:“unexpected error writing points to database: [shard 1] short buffer”

I don’t know too much about the database but based on the response, I reached the db server but it may have been set up incorrectly to cause the error. Any advice would be appreciated. I couldn’t find anything from google.

Hi @zliudr,
Welcome to the community :slight_smile: . Can you let me know the hardware specification that you are running Debian on