Internal Server Error (500)


Ive been running InfluxDB 2 on my VPS but I keep getting an internal server error. Although it works for a day or two, after a while I get this error which is then solved by simply restarting the file that saves the data to the db. Every 2 seconds, data gets written which other scripts read every 2 seconds. One that writes and many that read. This is the error that keeps popping up:
HTTP response body: {"code":"internal error","message":"unexpected error writing points to database: timeout"}.

Also msg="Recorder handler error" log_id=0TZkr_~000 error=timeout keeps popping up in the logs.

Any help or hint where to look is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Hello @jaNGOB,
Welcome! How are you writing data to a file? What do you mean by restarting the file exactly? Thanks.

I use the python influxdb_client to write a Data Point every two seconds to the DB. By restarting the file I mean to execute the python script that receives data and writes it to the DB since it stops after receiving the above-mentioned error.