Data older than 1 year

I noticed that some of my data is no longer there. My guess is that dates older than 1 year were automatically deleted. In the bucket I wanted to change from “Delete Data older than 1 year” to “Never”. It also appears to have saved successfully, but not really. The setting was back to “Delete Data older than 1 year”.

Hello @DGR75,
Are you using InfluxDB OSS?
You can’t change a retention policy after setting it…I believe. I didn’t know you could do that if you can. I thought you could only rename the bucket. Yup I just checked. You can only rename it.

I use InfluxDB v2.4.0
What’s the point of a “NEVER” button if it has no function?
Unfortunately, the selection in the pulldown only goes up to 1 year.

If I create a new bucket with “NEVER”, how do I get the data from the old bucket into the new bucket?

The new bucket was on “Retention: Forever”
After taking over old data, it is now automatically back to “Retention: 365 days”! ! What’s that supposed to mean? :face_exhaling:

I found the mistake. As soon as I establish the connection from iobroker to Influx, the specifications are adopted by iobroker. In iobroker the storage retention period was “1 year”. I’ve now changed that to “no automatic deletion”