Data collection question / best way to feed from a stats catcher

Hi, I have a bunch of python programs which are running on several nodes. They’re all delivering their stats to a custom “stats catcher” which I want to enable to submit that data to a freshly installed TICK stack. The stats catcher is receiving it’s data via ZeroMQ. What’s the best way to forward that data to telegraf? I recon that there’s no ZeroMQ plugin for Telegraf, but I’m open to use anything else. However, I’d prefer a brokerless implementation of a messaging protocol in order to keep the system simple. And of course I should be able to integrate it into Python, which is the language of the stats catcher. Which of the messaging protocols in the supported range would meet these criteria?
Thanks in advance
And by the way, cool product stack!! I love it!! I’m new to TICK.

I think I’ve found a way to go: I’ve written an importer which connects to the stats catcher via (my beloved) ZeroMQ and gets the latest stats records. The importer only has to print out those stats records as “influxdb line protocol” lines and that can be imported by the “Exec Input Plugin”.

Am I on the right path? (I haven’t tried that out yet).

Welcomd and thanks for your question :slight_smile: Yup! I was going to suggest the Exec Plugin

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