Custom namespaces with Application Insights Output plugin

Hi everyone,

I’m trying out different methods of importing metric data into Azure Monitor.
With the Azure Monitor output plugin it is possible to create multiple namespaces, which I found really useful to organize large amounts of metric data.

With the application insights plugin there is no namespace variable, also the alias doesn’t seem to have an impact on the created namespace.

Am I missing something here, or is this a limitation of using the App. Insight plugin?


App. Insight plugin

Which specific plugin are you looking at?


Hi @jpowers,

I’m looking at the Application Insights Output Plugin

With the Azure Monitor Output plugin seperate namespaces are created for each input. With the App. Inisights plugin they are all merged under the same namespace. (Azure/ApplicationInsights)

Greetings, Tim


Yes, it looks like there are no namespace settings in the Application Insights plugin.

In that plugin the name is based on the measurement name + field. You can use the override_name value in your input plugin to change the measurement name to whatever you may want it to be before it is passed to the output.