Custom api and tokens


I was playing with custom api scripts:

and it seems to invoke the script I need to use an “all access” token? (is this correct?)

I’d like to use api scripts so multiple dev teams can query last data points with bucket/measurement as parameters. However, I don’t want to give them the power of an all token - I feel that invoking api scripts should be an option for the custom token?


Hello @thopewell,
Yes you do need to. I agree I think there should be.
Out of curiosity have you tried invoking a script with a read/write token?
Perhaps that does work…
Nope just tried it and verified that it doesn’t work.
This is probably because with the http package you could use the rest of the API with an invokable script and we don’t want prohibit users from that ability.

I created the following feature request:
I encourage you to share your use case to provide the team with some more significance and context.

Thank you!