Create tag with value using the resulting output from another input?

I 'm using inputs.exec to fetch an Ubuntu apt package version number x.x.x. After that i have a inputs.procstat to fetch some data about the executable/process from that apt package.

I would like to add a tag to the inputs.procstat with the version value from the earlier inputs.exec. Is this possible ?

I can’t find any examples or documentation that says how to use processors to reference other inputs data.


  commands = [''' /bin/bash -c 'apt info package 2>/dev/null|grep -oP "Version: \K.+"' ''']

  exe = "package-executable"
    version = < insert value from inputs.exec >

I was hoping i could set a ENV variable in the inputs.exec and then reference that in the procstat but i don’t think that option is possible.

Thank you.

Inputs run concurrently, meaning at the same time. As a result, taking data from one metric and passing it to another is not possible.

We do have processors that can various operations on metrics after they have been collected in inputs. My suggestion would be to use execd processor to collect the information you need after procstat was run.