Control what columns needs to be sent in alert node

I have the following tickscript which is alerting on Used Memory Percent, it is working correctly.
But it is sending and storing all the columns from m1 and m2, is there a way i can control what column i need to send in alert node.

var window_size = 10s
var period_size = 20s
var mb = 1000 * 1000
var critical_threshold = 10

// Stream m1
var m1 = stream

// Stream m2
var m2 = stream

// Join m1 and m2
var data = m1
.as(‘m1’, ‘m2’)
|eval(lambda: “” / mb,
lambda: float(“m2.Available_MBytes”) / float(“total_mbytes”) * 100.00)
.as(‘total_mbytes’, ‘used_mem_perc’)

//var get_percentage = data
//|eval(lambda: (“m2.Available_MBytes” / “total_mbytes”) * 100)

// Compare the joined stream and alert when m1 and m2 values are different
.crit(lambda: “used_mem_perc” >= critical_threshold)
.message(‘Used_Percentage is HIGH {{ index .Fields “used_mem_perc”}} total_mbytes = {{ index .Fields “total_mbytes” }} Available_MBytes = {{ index .Fields “m2.Available_MBytes” }}’)

Hi @Ashish_Sikarwar ,

the deletenode is your friend :wink:

Thank You Marc. I will give it a try.