Configuration for Telegraf in AWS With Tagging

I recall some issues submitted that were in the works for Telegraf for better remote collection options using AWS tags.

Since I have a lot of environments, I’m having to use what I consider an overly complicated setup script with Chocolatey in Windows to parse out the AWS EC2 Tags and then dynamically create a tags conf file to include all the tags that the metrics should include.

Is there any other option to grab AWS tags dynamically and little effort so I could remove a lot of complicated meta data parsing and file creation in my telegraf setup and instead automatically tag my Telegraf metrics from more AWS related metadata, or even perhaps a file I create in the environment with metadata prexisting to simplify the install / configuration of telegraf?

We have this pull request, but there are still some core improvements to processors that we need to resolve before we can include it.

Awesome. I’ll keep an eye on it, as well as mark this as a solution (if I remember) once that is released for others searching this