Complete code for sample starter system

Is there a sample set of code using TICK that is relatively complete, for a common use case?

For example, a way to tell whether the set of servers my app uses are ready, with a history of their availability.

My ideas of “complete” are listsed in page caniuse/ at master · wilson-jetbloom/caniuse · GitHub

Ping URL (or make HTTP request to URL alone) on the schedule specified.

A file of specific URLs or IPs, how often to ping, and keywords.

Web page to specify URLs or IPs and how often to ping.

Web page has site feedback.

Store response data in a time-series database (InfluxDB).

Web page displays line chart with anomalies (Graphana).

Web page to list anomaly dates and times (paged).

Alert host down by sending email [via TICK Kapacitor]

Alert host down by sending SMS [via IFTTT?].

Add GraphQL API to respond with the status and speed of servers under watch based on a keyword defined.

Add analytics (Machine Learning) to identify patterns, such as “don’t plan on using this URL Fridays at 3pm because the system has been consistently down then”.

Respond to GraphQL API query with best time.

Apologies for the length of time with no reply. Did you find an answer to this?