Common tag or key between 2 measurements

Question: Is it possible to have a common tag or key between 2 tables(measurements)?
I have 2 separate tables populated by telegraf/SNMP where the device Mac-address is stored in both
I want to be to call this common value via Grafana templated variable to derive info from both tables.

Keys are stored on each series.

Is your data stored in separate measurements or fields? There is no reason you can create a template variable using that mac address and apply it to multiple panels querying multiple measurements in Influxdb

separate measurements. I’m struggling with the syntax for the Grafana variable to call it

Create a dashboard variable with something like this
SHOW TAG VALUES FROM measurement WITH KEY = "tag_name" WHERE time > now() - 5m

Then in your query, you do something like this
`WHERE “mac” =~ /^Tag_Variable_Name/ ```

If I understand this correctly, the query would be from the 2nd measurement, but then pull the “same” value from the other measurement called out in the Grafana template?

Hi, I have a question regarding the series concept that you linked.

In the above image, how do we know whether the field key is “butterflies” or “honeybees”? From the above data set, each point (row in the table?) contains BOTH “butterflies” and “honeybees” field keys. Not sure if I am misinterpreting the concept of series. Could you please clarify this?


Please open a new thread for this

yes that sounds correct