Collectd failing to write to influxDB “Failed to dispatch rabbitmq_default. Exception Dataset publish_out_details not found”

I am seeing this error log in collectd log file which means collectd is talking to RabbitMQ admin page(since it has the queue name in its log), but i cannot see this data (queues_values) populated in InfluxDB.

This collectd is able to write cpu_usage, disk_space, memory_utilization metrics to InfluxDB but just failing to write the Queue data. Python plugin used:

LogTraces true
Interactive false
Import “collectd_rabbitmq.collectd_plugin”
<Module “collectd_rabbitmq.collectd_plugin”>
Username “user_name”
Password “password”
Realm “RabbitMQ Management”
Host “
Port “443”
Scheme “https”


InfluxDB version using 1.2.1
Collectd Version: 5.8.0

Is there something to do with the python plugin or typesDB or InfluxDB config please let me know