Closest thing to Prometheus predict_linear()?


What would be the closest thing in InfluxDB / Kapacitor to get something like Prometheus’s predict_linear() function? Query functions | Prometheus


Loud ML (or an alternative) is probably the way to go. It seems Loud ML and Influx are built to play nicely out of the box (i think that was the intention at Loud ML).

Influx and Loud ML

I don’t think the holt winters prediction tool is all that great in my opinion

Thanks @philb I’ve been following Loud ML, and I’m looking forward to their 1.4 release (it is a commercial offering though). But predict_linear() is a somewhat simple analysis function, not really “machine learning” level. I suppose one could write a UDF to use it in Kapacitor, but it seems a omission to not have it in the InfluxDB engine directly.

Fair enough @voiprodrigo, it could be a bit OTT then.

As i say, there is the holt winters predictor you can use that with chronograf and Grafana. Maybe that would suit your needs? I’m quite excited by loud ML. The amount of data i’ve got to play with i’m interested to see what i can get out of it.