Chunked queries


our database keeps more than 50000 records. The objective is to read all records in order to reason on each particular record but query returns 10000 records. What is best practice here and what are examples on python code that will work according to scenario above?


@adisD You should be able to set chunked=false to disable this behavior.


@jackzampolin thank you for your answer. A chunked = False parameter is what causes 10000 points max to be returned. My objective is to read all points within repository.
chunked = True is likely right approach for my needs but I am missing syntax for chunked query in Python.


Have you tried increasing the chunk_size?


I have tried both like below:

client.query(queryString, chunked=False, chunk_size=50000) returns 10000
client.query(queryString, chunked=True, chunk_size=50000) does not return at all


Does anyone have a code example whith chunked param = True?