Chronograf 1.8.8 sends wrong mime type for Javascript file

I am trying to update from Chronograf 1.7.12 to 1.8.8. V1.7.12 works in my system.

V1.8.8 will not load in my browser. During the page load I see this request:
Request URL: http://localhost:8888/src.2f700edb.js

The response headers say:
X-Chronograf-Version: 1.8.8
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8

The Content-Type should not be plain text. Any browser that does strict mime type checking will fail with this mime type. I have tested with Firefox, Chrome and Edge on Windows. They all reject this javascript based on mime type.

What’s the fix? Is it a problem with my old chronograf configuration file somehow?

edit: running chronograf with no configuration file at all does not help, so it isn’t apparently a configuration file issue.

edit: Chronograf 1.7.12 also sends its javascript files with a mime type of text/plain, but for some reason Chrome accepts it without complaint. Firefox seems to reject it.

Hello @asthomas,
I apologize I don’t have an answer for you. I’m sending your question to the team. Thank you for your patience.