Change in count() visualization (Influx DB 2.0)

Hi All!

I’m a beginner user of InfluxDB 2.0 and I’m trying to create a simple visualization of count of records per provider (transporting company) on a timeline. Here’s the query I’m using:

from(bucket: “vehicles”)
|> range(start: -10m)
|> filter(fn:® => r["_measurement"] == “vehicle”)
|> filter(fn:® => r["_field"] == “range”)
|> group(columns: ["_start", “_stop” “_time”, “provider”])
|> window(every: 2m)
|> count()

I used filter for range as each record has this value so I want this to be base of the count()

I receive correct values, however there are no lines on the visualization, just dots, that are barely visible.

Can you help me out with optimizing the query or the configuration of a chart? Also, how can I get rid of the “_start” & “_stop” fields from the visualization?