Can't read anymore from http using Nodejs client : No host available

Hi all,

Context : I’m using influxDb on a server.
I recently (~2 weeks ago) have upgraded node version and my nodejs code didn’t changed.

The current stack in prod :

  • nodejs : v17.3.0
  • using require(“influx”) to read and select from InfluxDb → v5.9.2
  • using require("@influxdata/influxdb-client") + telegraf, to write into influxDb (don’t ask why such weird configuration) ; it was working recently.
  • influxDb v1.8.10 (oss)
  • /etc/influxdb/influxdb.conf :
    • bind-address = “:8086” < the port I’m using for selecting data

Today, writing points to influx is still fine.
But reading (SELECT) points are failing with an error ‘ServiceNotAvailableError: No host available’ coming from module : (/node_modules/influx/lib/src/pool.js:235:29) + InfluxDB.queryRaw

On journalctl -fu influxdb.service I can only see log about POST /write which are success (status 204)

I don’t understand why from node, any SELECT are failing with this connection error.
From a influx command line the SELECT query is working well ; and the select itself is very simple : eg: SELECT time, valueBoolean as value FROM retention.meas WHERE eng_var='7' ORDER BY time DESC LIMIT 4 OFFSET 0

Both nodejs and Influxdb (and telegraf) are on the same server.

Any idea how I can debug ?

I probably have fixed my issue. There was a misconfiguration on influxDb /etc/influxdb/influxdb.conf
where I had set the bind-address to value “”
I fixed it to simply “:8086” and it seems to works better.