Can't post more than two pictures in Community posts as new user

Does anybody know how long I need to wait before I can post more than two pictures? I was busy writing quite a lenghty explainer post and then realised when submitting I can’t submit the pictures because I’m a new user.

The post is here: How to monitor Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 services via PowerShell scripting, Telegraf logparser, InfluxDB and Grafana

Hello @eclements,
I’m not sure. I’ll ask our community manager. That is annoying. I’m sorry.

Hello @eclements,

Thank you for letting us know about the limitation you were experiencing. I have increased your trust level in the forum to allow you to continue your post. This typically happens on its own after a bit of activity, posting etc.

I hope this helps!

Thanks @Michael_Ellis @Anaisdg. I understand :slight_smile: