Can't Insert Data into InfluxDB on Windows + PHP

Hi all,

I am developing web app for the IOT devices & Stock Markets.
So i came across to InfluxDB which looks promising for Time Series Data.

I am using Window 7 OS with PHP server side language.
I configure InfluxDB with prebuild PHP library on Local Machine.
I already setup InfluxDB environment by following article.

Everything looks fine to Create/Delete database, users, admin and all.
But when i try to Insert Sample Data or any Data using that crodas PHP library, We are getting parsing Errors

I tried every possible solution but couldnt be able to solve it.
Can anyone please have a look and let me know what am i missing or does anybody going through the same issue?

Thank You in Advance.

I don’t know php, but that error message seems to hint that you haven’t provided a tag value. All tags need a value, and all fields need a value. They are kinda the same thing, but are used differently.

I.E. a tag for a measurement could be a way to distinguish it, or make it unique. If i made a measurement called cpuUsage, I might have tag name called ServerName, and the value would be server1, or server2, or prodServer, or web001, etc.

The field key and values are the numeric&string data that is stored in the measurment, for that timestamp.
I.E. i might have a field call totalCpu and a value of 36.431, and another field key called “core1” and it’s value 12.112, etc.

So, i’d suggest figuring out the format in that php code to provide the tag value for your tag called “one”…

Hmm, but after reviewing your json again, it seems correct on first glance, but that name (before measurement) part at the end, not sure what the name would be for. There’s not really a “name” element in influx. Just measurement names, database names, retention policies names, and the tag and field keys. Maybe it thinks that is another tag, without a value?

Sorry, in retrospective, maybe this comment isn’t helpful… but i’ll post it anyways. :slight_smile: