Can't get the minecraft input working: "Server failed to mirror request challenge"

I’m trying to find out what has my minecraft savegame that makes the telegraf input fail with an Error in plugin: Server failed to mirror request challenge, always.

If I do try with a new savegame, everything works as expected, but when trying with my savegame, the error is arisen.

I’ve downloaded telegraf to try to track down the error, and see why I’m getting it, but I still don’t get what’s going on here, although I suspect is related to the fact I do have a lot of scoreboards set by datapacks, and that may be causing my problems.

Before beginning, please note that rcon is properly configured. I also have another rcon client locally and I can run commands without any problem. The issues are only due to the challenge request made by telegraf’s rcon client.

Here’s what I’ve seen: in my failing case, a total of three times the Send method is called:

  • A first time with the password (works)
  • A second time with scoreboard players list command (works)
  • A third time with scoreboard players list #1 command (fails)

Here’s the output from directly “debugging” telegraf (the Header & Packet displayed in the bottom are of the failing request):

And here’s what I get if I run that scoreboard players list #1 command directly in rcon:

docker-compose exec beetopolis rcon-cli "scoreboard players list #1"
#1 has 3 scores:[as_trigger]: 0[as_help]: 0[ch_constant]: 1

So… the command works, but for some reason, telegraf’s challenge is returned different for that specific command. What I don’t know if it has to do with the currently set scoreboards, or is something different.

Can anyone explain me what’s that challenge? Maybe knowing how does minecraft process those challenges I may find the solution.

Any other ideas on how to fix this will be very welcome :smiley:

PS: Here’s the savegame (~1GB), in case you’re feeling lucky trying it (or you just wanna sneak in my world):