Cannot allocate memory when starting

When I start influxdb I get to following error

2023-04-07T17:23:40.145108Z     info    Reading file    {"log_id": "0h3Bld70000", "service": "storage-engine", "engine": "tsm1", "service": "cacheloader", "path": "/var/lib/influxdb/engine/wal/af16039615730cd2/autogen/9/_00003.wal", "size": 10485806}
2023-04-07T17:23:40.908375Z     info    Reading file    {"log_id": "0h3Bld70000", "service": "storage-engine", "engine": "tsm1", "service": "cacheloader", "path": "/var/lib/influxdb/engine/wal/af16039615730cd2/autogen/9/_00004.wal", "size": 539516}
2023-04-07T17:23:40.954863Z     info    Opened shard    {"log_id": "0h3Bld70000", "service": "storage-engine", "service": "store", "op_name": "tsdb_open", "index_version": "tsi1", "path": "/var/lib/influxdb/engine/data/af16039615730cd2/autogen/9", "duration": "2242.852ms"}
2023-04-07T17:23:40.955017Z     info    Open store (end)        {"log_id": "0h3Bld70000", "service": "storage-engine", "service": "store", "op_name": "tsdb_open", "op_event": "end", "op_elapsed": "2290.649ms"}
2023-04-07T17:23:40.955075Z     error   Failed to open engine   {"log_id": "0h3Bld70000", "error": "cannot allocate memory"}
Error: cannot allocate memory
See 'influxd -h' for help

I was running fine before, i had to restart the server and now I get this error. The database is not so large:

148M    data
0       replicationq
40M     wal

Its runnning on a WSL2 under Windows 10.

How can I solve this problem?
Thank You

When I start influxd with the paramter --e2e-testing it is runnning.
Dashboards and tasks are there, but it seems no data.

I am running Version 2.6.1

An update to 2.7.0 did not help

Hello @Tesla2k,
Hmm that is odd.
I wonder if it’s related to needing to correct the ulimit?
I have this in my ~/.bash_profile to make the limit huge:
ulimit -n 10000

I tried ulimit, but it did not help. I ended up with deleting /var/lib/engine and reimported my data…