Cancel long running query


sometimes in my application I am starting queries that might take very long (downsampling queries for historic data, so downsampling tasks wont be the right here).

That wouldn’t be a problem in fact of one case: Starting/Loading a new measurement, where I need to delete the measurement data while an old downsampling query is still running.

So I do have 2 questions:

  1. Lets say I do have 2 buckets RawData and DownsampledData. I started a downsampling query that pushes data from RawData to DownsampledData. Simultaneously I started a delete data request for both buckets. What will happen to the downsampling query? As far as I can see it wont be stopped and might still copy some data to DownsampledData, which leads to the fact that there might be still some data in DownsampledData after the delete.

  2. This behavior leads me to the question: How can I cancel a query (using the API)?