Raw data -> 1min data w/ Continuous Query, but I have a formatting error somewhere, thoughts?

I have an InfluxDB 1.8 database using the HomeAssistant InfluxDB addon. I am trying to create a continuous query to downsample 10 months worth of raw data to 1min intervals.

Ideally, I end up with two retention policies.

  • Raw Data (7d RP)
  • 1min Data (Infinite RP)

I tried the following query based on this guide to downsample the entire database.

CREATE CONTINUOUS QUERY "cq_downsample_1m" ON "homeassistant"


SELECT mean(*) INTO "homeassistant"."1m".:MEASUREMENT FROM "homeassistant"."autogen"./.*/

GROUP BY time(1m), *



But I run into the below error. Any thoughts on where I could be going wrong?