Can you edit Chronograf app: system?

When I click on the system app for a given host, I am unable to edit the graphs? Also, when I look at my /usr/share/chronograf/canned directory, I do not see a system.json file, where can I find the json file for system?

[centos@chronograf01 canned]$ /usr/bin/chronograf -v
2017/08/08 20:23:24 Chronograf (git: 9e87035b7f9d8f1e78a77789d69ab4709a095f67)

For now the pre canned graphs cannot be edited. If you want to change their values you need to edit the json files that have the “app” listed as json. In the current version (1.3.8.x) that consists of the following files
cpu.json: “app”: “system”,
disk.json: “app”: “system”,
diskio.json: “app”: “system”,
load.json: “app”: “system”,
mem.json: “app”: “system”,
net.json: “app”: “system”,
netstat.json: “app”: “system”,
processes.json: “app”: “system”,
procstat.json: “app”: “system”,
win_cpu.json: “app”: “win_system”,
win_mem.json: “app”: “win_system”,
win_net.json: “app”: “win_system”,
win_system.json: “app”: “win_system”,