Can Kapacitor Create Alert Based on Text - Log Files


I want to create a trigger based on a keyword in a log file. For example, trigger an alert whenever the word “error” passes in /var/log/someapplication.log.

I have to kindly move this topic up.

I think the current best practice is to use telegraf to do collection .

Telegraf 1.15 is about to release, and tail is the current best plugin for this

OK but how to generate alerts when there is a keyword written in the log like “Error”. I am already collecting data using tail plugin.

Where are you stuck, what have you tried?

Are you using a specific alert node? If matching on any occurance of the word error your alert node probably would need to use a regular expression match

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I actually haven’t tried anything I’m just searching. Thanks for the link, seems like a regexp match will be the way yet the link is for Flux, I couldn’t find something similar for Kapacitor.