Can influxDB be added to existing data?


Currently, I am accumulating data with influx DB 2.0.
I would like to add new column data to the same row of data that has already been accumulated.

For example, it has the following format:
The first data is color only.
But I added the value of Value to the same line.
As in the example, I would like to add a new column value to the original data.

2021/3/11 17:00:00.0000 “red”
2021/3/11 18:00:00.0000 “red”
(after) ↓
----------------------------------color value
2021/3/11 17:00:00.0000 “red” 1
2021/3/11 18:00:00.0000 “red” 0

Is this operation possible?
If possible, please tell me the command to use.


Hello @nkanbe,
I believe so. Where is this extra data coming from? Does it have the same/corresponding timestamps associated with it?
If you’re looking to add a value based on the color, then using map with conditional logic will be your best bet:
Otherwise you might want to union custom rows:

Please let me know if you need some more detail on either one of these docs.