Buckets amount limit


Is there any limit on the number of buckets ? (cloud version)

I’m planning a system that each users will have dashboard, the data in the backend is being saved in Influxdb.
If I’ll split each users’s data to different bucket I can give the users direct access to read it’s Influxdb data.

  • The system is planned to support ~20,000 users.
  • The information that is saved for each user is not massive (a few measurements per second)

Is such planning possible ?


Hello @bentt6,
It depends on your tier. Free tier is limited to 2 buckets.
But if you upgrade to PAYG you get:

  • Unlimited buckets to store your data
  • Unlimited storage retention

But yes that’s entirely possible and a recommended data schema esp for the following use case:
IoT application developers who are using InfluxDB as the backend and want take advantage of tokens being scoped to buckets to secure users’ data.
What’s your use case?
Also are you aware:

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