Boolan tags into Integers Data Explorer


Im receiving tags from OPC UA with telegraf but some of them are Integer values and others are Boolean tags

I want to know if its possible to show the boolean tags in Data Explorer Band or Graph Along the Integers

I tried to do somekind of conversion from Boolean to Integers but it wasnt possible

PS: I`v tried to use [[processors.converter]] but it seens i dont have this plugin

Does anybody know how to convert or how to show those booleans into those graphics?

@RodrigoLazzuri You can convert boolean values into integers at query time with Flux. Just use the int() function. You’ll have to switch over the the script editor and modify the query that gets built with the Query Builder. It will look something like this:

// the rest of your query
    |> map(fn: (r) => ({r with _value: int(v: r._value)}))

One question I have is what do you want the band graph to represent? This graph displays the min, max, and mean, of time intervals. If you convert boolean values, they will be 1 or 0 and min/mix/mean won’t really change much.

yes, actually we need to show those 0 and 1 wich those integers i dont know why but the customer wants that…

Thank you soo much it worked