Better Explanation of Telegraf Internal Stats

Does anyone have good explanations of the gather & write times sent to the telegraf internal stats measurements.
How do we interpret write_time_ns? If this is 1 minute for example. What does it mean? Is this a measure of latency?


Nobody else using these metrics?

Here is a quick list I put together:

  • buffer_limit: number of metrics in the buffer. A metric is essentially one line of line protocol.
  • buffer_size: max buffer size for storing metrics. This the same as the metric_buffer_limit in your configuration file.
  • metrics_written: cumulative number of metrics written since process start.
  • metrics_filtered: cumulative number of metrics filtered since process start.
  • gather_time_ns cumulative time in nanoseconds that the tagged input has spent gathering its input since process start.
  • write_time_ns: cumulative time in nanoseconds that the tagged output has spent writing its output since process start.