Best way to store data

Hello everyone,

I’ve a c# application that read some data in JSON format from a WS. Thi data contains info like :

I want to know what is the best way to store this data.
E.G. A single insert with same timestamp for each value (1 insert for name, 1 for speed and soo on), or maybe insert unique string for timestamp for all data and for example make a field comma separated?


Welcome @marco.morgia to the InfluxDB forum.

To collect your data, there are many ways (Telegraph, loading annotated CSV, Node-RED, etc.).

To help you decide the best way to store your data, I found this webinar from Influxdb about Schema Design for IoT to be extremely helpful. Watch it all the way through, then think about your own data. Write down your field names & tag names, then go back and watch the video again to make sure it still makes sense.

An hour of planning how you want to store your data will go a long way. If you jump right in, you may find yourself living with poor planning decisions.

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