Best option for connecting edge devices with poor connectivity

Hi I’m looking for the best way to sync data from my edge devices to my influxdb. I have a range of sensors which are installed in vehicles which are in and out of WiFi connectivity. This could be several days and it could be as much as100 mb of data I’m collecting. When the vehicle come back into WiFi coverage they maybe not able to sync all the data to influx at once leaving the network and return at a later data. What would be the best methods to go about this? I’m looking at Telegraf as a possible solution. I intend to write the data to an SD card as I need to hold the data persistent even if power is lost on the end device. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @88_bit,
Telegraf has buffering and caching capabilities which could help you but I think it depends on how long you’re also expecting outages for and in general the frequency that you’re collecting 100mb of data at.

In general I recommend this org as a resource (there are several iot example projects there):

You could use the tail plugin potentially with telegraf if you’re writing to an SD card.