Backup InfluxDB restore to CSV with Python

i want a Backup from a InfluxDB to restore as a CSV with python without an InfluxDB server. Is it possible?
Or i have to restore it on server an than make a CSV.

Some Information InfluxDB version 1.x and the files are Gzipt.

Thx for helping me

Iam sorry if my question is an fault!

Hello @WorkingatSunshine,
Have you tried using the the CLI to do so?

influx -database ‘mydb’ -execute "SELECT * FROM mymeasurement" -format csv > test.csv

Thank you for your help. Sorry that i answer so late i had no time. Your tip works perfectly but now i have a new problem. The Data is over one Billiion points. How can i limit the dataoutput, limit with offset dont work i have tried this:
influx -database “mydb” -execute “SELECT *FROM mymeasurement” -format csv>test.csv limit 500 offset 500.
Thanks for your help