Backup from influxDB v1.4.2 with a restore in a v1.5 leads to a database w/o measurements


Per the subject line, one Ubuntu 16.04 system runs InfluxDB v1.4.2 and another Ubuntu 16.04 run InfluxDB v1.5. I aimed at dumping the v1.4 and restoring it in the v1.5.
The commands are:

On the v1.4.2 (source):
$ influxd backup -database ods_mydb -host stratml1:8089 ./ods_mydb

Note: ods_mydb has 20+ measurements

On the v1.5 (destination):
$ sudo influxd restore -metadir /var/lib/influxdb/meta -datadir /var/lib/influxdb/data -database ods_mydb ./ods_mydb
[sudo] password for :
Using metastore snapshot: ods_mydb/meta.00
2018/05/10 18:22:42 Restoring offline from backup ods_mydb/ods_mydb.*

$ influx …

use ods_mydb
Using database ods_mydb
show measurements

** empty measurements **