Back-filled data slow/impossible to query

i was using “autogen” as default retention policy, and started inserting new data in a new one. Then copied over the data from the old retention policy to the new one with “select * into “newRP”.“data” from “autogen”.“data” where time”, cut up in chunks of several hours. The old data is up to 3 months old.

It is now a week later, and when i query the new RP and limit the time to the last week, everything is fine. but when i try to select older data, the query is killed after a minute (my configured timeout).

Is this a problem with back-filled data? is there a way to (on or offline) rebuild the old data and make it work? Is this a known issue in 1.8 and would switching to 2.x solve this issue now and in the future?

Thanks in advance,

  • What kind of query are you trying to run?
  • does it cover a large amount of data? (which might explain the timeout)
  • How did you move your data?
    based on the query you used the structure might be “wrong” (did you use GROUP BY * ?), check tags and fields using SHOW TAG KEYS ... and SHOW FIELD KEYS ... to ensure the structure is fine.