Automatically downsample all data



In my environment I’m planning to monitor up to 1.600 hosts (cpu, memory, network, disk, etc…) and I’m a little bit worried about the ammount of space required to store all such ammount of data.

I have though that an automatic downsampling of data would be a nice approach. After reading a lot, it looks one can make use of the “continuous query” feature. Nevertheless, it just applies to one measurement.

For example “CPU USAGE”

The first month: 1 point every 20 seconds
The second month: 1 point every minute
The third mohnt: 1 point every hour
and so on…

(Im pretty sure this is not the best configuration but it is good enought for make understand myself).

Is there any global configuration in order to achieve this objective without creating a continouous query for each data point per point?

Thanks in dvance,