Agents ID in table

Hello, so I have a table with snmp agents (monitoring my network devices) but I was wondering if we can generate an ID for each agent, so for example instead if having:
agent_host hostname
10.X.X.X cisco1
i want to the influx de generate ID for each device so it would be like this:
ID agent_host hostname
1 10.X.X.25 cisco1
2 10.X.X.30 cisco2


Yes, you could use for example a processors.enum plugin in Telegraf.

It would also work with a processors.starlark or processors.strings plugin.
Here is a config example how it should work with the processors.enum plugin, adapt it if necessary:

    ## Name of the field to map. Globs accepted.
    field = "hostname"

    ## Name of the tag to map. Globs accepted.
    # tag = "hostname"

    ## Destination tag or field to be used for the mapped value.
    ## By default the source tag or field is used, overwriting the original value.
    dest = "id"

    ## Default value to be used for all values not contained in the mapping
    ## table.  When unset and no match is found, the original field will remain
    ## unmodified and the destination tag or field will not be created.
    default = 0

    ## Table of mappings
      cisco1 = 1
      cisco2 = 2
      cisco3 = 3

If this doesn’t work for you, please post your Telegraf config snippet in Markdown format here in the forum:

put the telegraf config snippet here

@Franky1 It worked perfectly, Thank you very much