After 1.8->2.5 migration, need to merge buckets

Hello all,

I am not new to Databases but I have only used InfluxDB for some time as the TimesereisDB with Grafana for an ioBroker home-automation system. I am not keen in the Flux language not the InfluxDB configuration specifics (yet).
Today I upgraded to version 2.5 using the influxd upgrade command, as I was having 64bit trouble with version 1.x.

The upgrade itself seem to have went fine. After some hours I saw that my Grafana Charts weren’t updating. Now I seem to have created now two buckets “iobroker”

  • one with name “iorboker/autogen”, this is my legacy bucket from v1
  • and one plain “iobroker” which seems to be the one all new data gets ingested to.

Now how to I clean up this scenario? Bascially I do need to consolidate these two buckets into one to be the one and only holding all data.
There is also another legacy bucket “weather/autogen” which maybe needs to be converted?

Result: _result
Table: keys: [organizationID]
 organizationID:string             name:string               id:string  retentionPolicy:string         retentionPeriod:int
----------------------  ----------------------  ----------------------  ----------------------  --------------------------
      9093e733f00e0598             _monitoring        56ab0df72e3b3847                                     604800000000000
      9093e733f00e0598                  _tasks        011d7a8329e2bbed                                     259200000000000
      9093e733f00e0598                iobroker        18fd87493eb0c52b                                                   0
      9093e733f00e0598        iobroker/autogen        f5e4008ed6934e45                 autogen                           0
      9093e733f00e0598         weather/autogen        6b7a0c7eca3dbeaa                 autogen                           0

dbrp list:

ID                      Database        Bucket ID               Retention Policy        Default Organization ID
0a7f4dc985e7f000        iobroker        f5e4008ed6934e45        autogen                 true    9093e733f00e0598
0a7f4f01dee7f000        weather         6b7a0c7eca3dbeaa        autogen                 true    9093e733f00e0598

ID                      Database        Bucket ID               Retention Policy        Default Organization ID
56ab0df72e3b3847        _monitoring     56ab0df72e3b3847        autogen                 true    9093e733f00e0598
011d7a8329e2bbed        _tasks          011d7a8329e2bbed        autogen                 true    9093e733f00e0598

I have no idea how this bucket<->dbrp relation works and documentation is somewhat poor on this. It would be much appreciated if someone could help me out here?

Kind regards