InfluxDB 2.x not backing up/restoring all keys

I’m currently consolidating three buckets, each from their own docker containers, to a single InfluxDB server running in a Proxmox LXC.

So far, two of them have migrated perfectly. I’ve used the influx backup command to export the data out, copied the data over to the new server, then used influx restore to restore just the required bucket each time.

Great. Like I said, two of them have moved over perfectly, and Grafana is graphing the data from the new server just fine. My Node-RED flows are writing data to each bucket just fine. No issues at all.

The last of the three buckets to migrate is my Home Assistant (HA) bucket. And, for some reason, it’s either not backing up, or not restoring, all the keys (columns?).

For those familiar with HA and InfluxDB, I’m getting _field and _measurement just fine, but not domain or entity_id.

I don’t know enough about the anatomy of a 2.x backup to inspect it and, for some reason, the --json flag gives me an error (despite it being documented):

Incorrect Usage: flag provided but not defined: -json

(I’m definitely using --json)

Both source and destination server are running identical versions:

InfluxDB v2.7.1
Server: 407fa62
Frontend: 9d25a2f

Does anyone have any suggestions, please, about how I should go about troubleshooting this?