Adding an offset to modbus register

Hi all,
sine I am new to Influx ans Telegraf, I don´t know how to figure it out.

I´ve a Modbus.Connector running. I can scale my needed Inputregisters, but a have to apply an offset on one Inputregister.
I figured out, that the modbus connector only supports scaling.
Howe can a add an offset before sending to the influx db ?


@MichaelM the best way currently is to use the starlark processor. Out of interest, which device is this and which fields/metric needs the scaling?

Hi, thanks for the reply.
I´ve done is with the map funtiction in flux on the dashboard.

The engine we going to moitor, is an boiogas-engine.

Some values have some offset get get the right value range.

One other point is that all statusflags are combined in one modbusregister (bit0- bit15). So I´ve to figure out how to split the valus into seperate flags.


@Michael understood. For the bit-register you should use the starlark processor.