Add additional information to each point using Custom UDF



I want to grab a batch of data from a database and create a cryptographic hash and add this hash to each point either as tag or a field in another database? Will the provides in the UDF will be a STREAM or BATCH? How do I achieve this?


Hello @shantanoo-desai ,

Are you adding one cryptographic hash tag to a batch of data? or add custom tags to individual points? If it’s the former look here. If you’re interested in the latter look at EvalNode. I’m confused about the second part of your question. Are you looking to output a stream or batch?



Hi @Anaisdg I am in fact looking to grab a batch of data periodically, create a cryptographic hash of the complete batch and add the calculated hash to each of the points of the batch as tag or field.

I would like to then probably, send this batch for some processing.

I was in fact able to create an UDF and have documented here.

I however, within my UDF I want to obtain the batch and then hash it within my UDF and then accordingly send it out.