Multiple response from UDF


I have a process UDF that accepts batch input and provides a stream output.
Is it possible to send multiple responses for the same input point?

i.e. can I call Agent.write_response function multiple times in the end_batch method?

My UDF makes a bunch of HTTP requests. I want to send the response of those requests to the InfluxDB (via InfluxDBOut Node) ASAP and don’t want to send the collated response.
Thus providing batch output is out of the question.
Currently, I am not able to see anything after the first point in my db.


Did you manage to make any progress on this issue? I seem to have run into a similar problem with a batch to stream UDF and InfluxDBOut().

I “solved” the problem by running an Influx client in my UDF. I write to influx by calling a function from my Point() function. I really hate that as a solution given that it should be trivial to have Kapacitor handle this directly. Unfortunately, documentation and examples are sorely lacking and community support here or on github just doesn’t close the gap. I’m happy to share code or notes on what we’ve learned.