Accessing Arduino webserver content with Telegraf

I am using a Webserver hosted on a Arduino to display certain values on a webpage.

not using any HTML, the webpage solely looks like this: examplevalue,examplevalue. for example: 9,9 or 14,2.

Whenever im trying to read these values, telegraf always returns the following error:

Metric parse error: expected tag at: “”

i tried to change the values displayed on the site to:

node1 = 7 as a test, which only resulted in the following error:

Metric parse error: expected field at: “”

Any help would be much appreciated!

  • which telegraf plugin is used?
  • please post the telegraf config for this plugin

Hello, the Telegraf Plugin used is Telegraf 1.19.1

The config is:

 ## One or more URLs from which to read formatted metrics
# "http://localhost/metrics"
urls = [
"http://my webserver ip"

## HTTP method
# method = "GET"

## Optional file with bearer token
## headers = {"X-special-Header" = "Special-Value"}

## Fiel content is added as an authorization header
## header token = "/path/to/file"
## commands array
commands = ["cat /proc/sys/kernel/random/entropy_avail"]

## override the default metric name of "exec"
name_override = "entropy_available"

## Data format consume
## Each daa format has its own unique set of configuration options, read
## more about them here:
data_format = "value"#
data_type = "string" #required

The configuration of your inputs.http plugin expects the data from the webserver in InfluxDB Line Protocol input data format, which is not the case.
You can either adjust the data format of the webserver or the Telegraf configuration of the input data format.
Possible Telegraf input data formats see here:

Hello, thanks for helping me out, i changed the webserver data format and now it works, thanks.