Access influxdb remotely

Hello There,

I wanted to know if we can access influxdb remotely like other databases, I am new to influxdb and my understanding is its nosql / timeseries database.

not sure if any provision is there to access database over ip port and username and password

please guide or educate me if I have miss understood. Thanks!


I don’t see the connection between those two aspects.

InfluxDB is indeed a time series database, and versions 1 and 2 do not support
SQL-style queries, however these are completely independent of the fact that
you can access an InfluxDB instance over a network.

InfluxDB3 (coming soon) will support SQL-like queries, however I can’t say
quite how close to the SQL standards it is planned to be.


Hello Pooh,

Yes we are accessing influxdb over http protocol (with curl to get and put data) but I wanted to know if there is a provision to access it remotely like we do for other database (mysql,postgres) with remote client by using connection strings (ip port username password)

My use case:

I want to access influxdb with one of the ETL tool for which I am trying to explore remote access with respect to influxdb.

Please guide, Thanks!