Ability to collect OPC AE wrapped data through Telegraf


I’d like to ask for some insights regarding collecting data originating from a gas turbine through Telegraf that utilizes the OPC DA and OPC AE protocol.

At the moment, there is only an OPC UA input plugin available for Telegraf. Therefore, an attempt has been made to wrap both the OPC DA and AE signal to OPC UA by a dedicated wrapper program.

It turns out that this wrapper converts the OPC AE protocol to OPC UA A&C as per industry standard. However, we have been unable to collect this data using the UA plugin.

Nevertheless, the same wrapper is able to convert the DA signal to UA which can be successfully collected by Telegraf.

I suspect the main issue is due to the fact that AE generates events and not a “continuous” digital signal that can be monitored by Telegraf.

Does anyone have any previous insights on the behavior of OPC AE and/or UA A&C and how workable this is for Telegraf to collect this?