A few questions about Retention Policies Enforcement.

According to the documentation, “check-interval” sets the time interval at which Influx checks to enforce a RP. It also states that the default value for it is 30 minutes. Does that mean that, at a given point, an extra 30min worth of data could exist in a measurement?

I have also read that “When the retention policy is enforced, we will see that the initial shard group has passed the expiration point, and so the entire shard group will be dropped. This will continue on the hour, every hour. So at any given time, we will have precisely 1 day’s worth of data.” So my presumption would be wrong?

I’m also wondering what happens if the system is down at the moment a RP is supposed to be enforced. Would the RP enforce the first chance it gets? Would it be according to now()? or at the time it was supposed to be enforced?


I’m sure we covered this on the Slack channel.

Please let me know if you still require help