401 unauthorized when connecting from AWS

Howdy howdy! I’ve been testing out influx and fluent-bit for metrics locally, and then moved to using firelens on AWS ECS to test in a more production-y setting. Interestingly, if I use the same test config I had locally in the fluent-bit container running in ECS, I get the following error:

[2023/02/09 23:16:20] [error] [out_influxdb] http_status=401
{"code":"unauthorized","message":"unauthorized access"}

I’m absolutely perplexed as to why, as if I try it directly from my macbook it works and pushes dummy data as expected. Is there a reason influxdb would be rejecting connections from within AWS?

    Log_Level debug
    flush 10

    Name dummy

    Name          influxdb
    Match         *
    Host          us-east-1-1.aws.cloud2.influxdata.com
    PORT          443
    Tls           On
    Org           <redacted>
    Bucket        fluentbit
    Sequence_Tag  _seq
    HTTP_Token    <redacted>