Yet another delete question, delete all measurements from one device?

I want to delete all measurments for the device ‘Outside’

My command,

influx delete \
  --bucket dht22 \
  --org esp8266 \
  --token 4WW43qswEQUdpTnWedvhuyQa8ftEgi0vJNv6zfTV0bOhtSdrMYei-MJYSCpawRxcKkNs1NBrMf1ORV0kxdMK23D== \
  --start 2023-01-31T19:00:00.00Z \
  --stop 2023-02-01T18:24:00.00Z \
  --predicate '_measurement="Outside"'

But it does not work, no error just not deleting anything?

OK solved it myself again, in case anyone needs it the command was.

--predicate '_measurement="measurements" AND device="Outside"'
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