Why is influx eating so much size?

I use influx 2 in docker .
Day per day I see my ssd usage percentage increasing
After one month my 1 To SSD is used at 25 % mainly because of influx
From influx docker I perform the following commands

influx backup / test
influx restore /test —full
rm -r /test

And the result is that the SSD size occupied by influx is just 4,5 % without loosing any data

Why is it necessary to perform such “cleaning” ?
Influx should be able to perform such compression alone .

Hi @Philippe_Branly,
hmm interesting, InfluxDB should be performing compression on disk. What version of 2.X are you using? I will flag this back to the edge team and see what they think.

Hi thank you for that
Here is what influx reports

InfluxDB v2.3.0+SNAPSHOT.090f681737
Server: 090f681
Frontend: a2bd1f3


Hi @Philippe_Branly,
I have been speaking internally with the team on this issue. To give you a definite answer could you help us with the following:

  1. What is your approx data throughput (500 metrics per second etc.)
  2. How many fields and tags make up a metric
  3. What hardware resources are you running the container on (i7 , 8GBram, etc.)
  4. Are you limiting the resource of the influxDB container in any way?
  5. could you reproduce and provide a container log for the 24 hour process of the SSD filling?