Where I can find MQTT server ip or address in my account

I use esp32 and I install tasmota firmware so I need user name and password and server address for MQtt please I need to know where I can find the server address in influxdata .

As far as i understand:

  • The Tasmota firmware provides only a MQTT Client
  • InfluxDB itself doesn’t provide a MQTT Server/Broker
  • You need a separate MQTT Server/Broker on your own server or a cloud hosted one
  • Then you can use the Telegraf MQTT Consumer Plugin to connect to the MQTT Broker and subscribe to topics and write them to InfluxDB

+++++++++++      +++++++++++++++      ++++++++++++      ++++++++++++
| Tasmota | ---> | MQTT Broker | ---> | Telegraf | ---> | InfluxDB |
+++++++++++      +++++++++++++++      ++++++++++++      ++++++++++++